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I know how busy you all are. I am too. Somehow our society has decided that busy = productive and that being busy is a good thing. It means you are successful, engaged, and living a full life…right? Or does it?

Due to being busy, many of us do not have time for regular exercise, hobbies we love, cooking, meal planning and spending time with our loved ones. We don’t practice regular self-care. Moreover, we don’t have time to relax; even if you find the time and money to go on vacation, many people will admit that they were “so busy” on vacation, that they need a vacation from their vacation! Stress has become an all too common motivator and fuel to “get things done”, when meanwhile stress is destroying human health.

So is busy a good thing if you do not have the time to take care of yourself?

I am writing this post because we are suffering at the altar of BUSY and I want us to stop. I know that sounds like a beautiful idea, but I realize it is quite another thing to manifest. To stop. So let’s start with ONE idea. Cooking your meals.

If you are too busy to cook, I recommend that you find a way to shift your priorities. Cooking is one of the best ways to attain good health and vitality – please do NOT skip it or take it for granted! FOOD IS THE ONLY FUEL FOR YOUR BODY. IT IS THE ONLY FOOD FOR THE CELLS IN YOUR BODY. IT IS THE ONLY FOOD FOR YOUR GUT MICROBIOME – WHICH OPERATES IN DIRECT CORRELATION TO THE HEALTH OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. Do you want to feed your immune system processed junk from restaurants and fast food places that has little to no nutrition and weird chemicals & ingredients?? Your body’s ability to heal, grow, regenerate, & defend itself depends on the nutrition it gets. So take care of your body by feeding it the nutrition it needs. Still don’t have time to cook? Ask yourself what you are doing that is taking the place of cooking nutritious meals every day? Is that thing more important than your health? If not, try your best to make cooking a priority.

If you don’t know how to cook, do yourself the best favor ever & learn. That can range from just grabbing some cookbooks and following the instructions, to taking a cooking class. BUT this option is my favorite: We all have at least one friend or family member who is a great cook so why not make some time to learn from him or her? He or she will be flattered, trust me! (You will probably get to eat some good food while you are learning too!)  Plus, you get to spend time with someone you love, adding a social outlet to the process (not being social is another byproduct of being “busy” too, so this way you can kill two birds with one stone! Time saved!)

Cooking does not have to take a lot of prep and time – I have talked before about how slow cookers and pressure cookers can be your best friends. You can even find whole foods that are frozen and already sliced up for you at the store to save you time on prep! Just look at what I found while grocery shopping last week:


THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!! Trader Joe’s has read our minds! I literally carried an armful of them to the checkout counter! If you love cauliflower rice like I do, but don’t make it often since it takes more prep time than you have, or if you are trying to incorporate more veggies in your diet instead of grains like rice, what could be better than this?! This frozen 12 oz package only costs $1.99!!! You literally just put it in a pan to heat it up, add whatever you desire to it and dinner is DONE! So awesome!

I also saw this:


SCORE! For those of us who are trying to eat more veggies, this is the greatest! I have a spiralizer that I absolutely LOVE, but purchasing already spiralized veggies can save a ton of time on prep. This 1 lb. container costs $4.99 at Whole Foods, so it is a little bit more expensive than paying for a whole butternut squash. However the trade-off is that you do not have to peel it and chop it – or in this case, spiralize it – so the extra cost may be totally worth it to you (like it was to me when I bought it!)

I am seeing more and more of these fresh, already-prepped veggies in the stores, so the grocers are on to the fact that we are too busy and know they can make more money on the vegetables if they chop them for you! So if you don’t mind spending a little more money on them, this avenue will save you time – which is what this post it about!

Plan your meals in advance, make a grocery list and shop for only those items. You are going to go grocery shopping anyway, so if you plan out what you are going to cook, shopping will be quicker and easier since you will already know what you are there to buy. This practice not only allows you to shop faster, but you will be less likely to stop at unhealthy fast food places on the way home because you actually will have enough food at home already! You can also purchase many of the ingredients online, like in my Amazon store, to save you time. Planning your meals in advance allows you to cook and eat food that is truly GOOD for you because YOU are in control of the ingredients and portions. Your body will thank you for it!

Busy be damned! Cooking is one of the most meaningful & important things you can do every day. Slowing down to cook nutritious meals for yourself and/or those you love every day has priceless rewards – unconditional love, nourishment, and self-care. Who couldn’t use more of those?

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