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re-evolve-180x1201.jpgHow do you celebrate the New Year? Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you keep them?

While it may not sound like a wild time, I generally prefer a quiet New Year’s Eve. To me New Years is a time for reflection and self-love, looking back at what I have accomplished and what I want to do. I forgive myself for the times I have veered off the path I’ve chosen, learn from my failures, and resolve to get back on track. I take a look at my accomplishments and feel grateful for the ideas and the people that helped get me there. If we are heading in a positive direction with our lives, we can actually be more mindful of how much we have evolved from year to year. I think that is supremely inspiring.

When we make one positive change, no matter how small, it is amazing the strength we can muster to continue to make more positive changes. It becomes easier and easier to transform our lives, because once you feel good about what you are doing, change itself no longer feels scary or impossible. Change becomes a regular part of living, a part you can handle with more ease and even desire once you are not afraid. Of course there will be things that happen in life that are unpleasant & negative that you have little control over. Those times will always be challenging. But I find that if you are regularly in control of your life by embracing & embarking on all the positive changes you want to make, when things go awry, you are better prepared to handle them. To me, that is what modern human evolution is all about.

When you make a New Year’s Resolution, be mindful of the life you want to live. If your resolution is simply “I want to lose weight”, think about the reasons you are overweight in the first place. Most times weight gain is about poor diet, sure, but there are usually many other factors contributing to the excess weight – stress, poor sleep, unhealthy relationships or thinking, unrewarding careers, lack of physical activity, destructive behaviors, or lack of education on what makes us healthy in the first place. If you truly reflect on these issues, your success rate is that much higher than simply just joining a gym to run on a treadmill. What issues in your life do you need to resolve to live the life you desire? Chances are if you acknowledge and make changes to these issues, goals like weight loss will almost always be a by-product of being mindful enough to attain the deeper emotional resolutions in your life. Forgive, reflect, learn, relax, be grateful and find freedom. If we all try to do this, we can all evolve into the people we want to be instead of resigning ourselves to our old habits and fear of change that has lead us nowhere. Humans were not meant to be fat & sick drones on couches staring at televisions! Start small, make a change, be determined, see the new possibilities in your life and keep moving forward through all the doors that will open for you once you start. Healing yourself is the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. The gift is life!

For 2013, strive to make this New Year’s Resolution a New Year’s Evolution!

Life is beautiful, my friends. And so are you!

Happy New Year!

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