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I like a lot of things these days, so I wanted to share my top 10 (mostly) health and wellness related things that I am just loving right now!


Try them, don’t try them – either way I am sharing them with you because they’re awesome!

Happy Memorial Day!


10 of My Favorite Things Blog Post Pic


Butcher Box – get grass-fed beef delivered to your door for only about $7.00 per meal! So good!

One-pot meals – why spend too much time cooking OR washing dishes?? Here are 50 one-pot meals!

The Crockpot lunch food warmer – screw the microwave and its radiation and rubbery reheated meats! Bring this 24 oz crockpot to work to heat up your leftovers for lunch!

Eating healthy but you want snacks sometimes? (Well, duh! We all do!) Here are my favorite snacks:

  • Rubino’s Gluten-Free Traditions: Italian cookies and treats that are 100% gluten-free and homemade! I won a  6-month giveaway of these this winter and I am in love! My favorite day of the month was when these babies showed up at my door. Get a subscription and enjoy these delights once per month!
  • Want chips? Jackson’s Honest & Artisan Tropic have potato and other root veg chips made with healthy fats.

Smoothies – Here is my current fave!

Megaspore Biotic – Healthy digestion is SO IMPORTANT to overall health! Megaspore is hands down the BEST probiotic I have ever taken! It fixed all my shit! (Literally!) Megaspore can only be purchased thru a qualified wellness practitioner, so if you want to try Megaspore, sign up for my monthly newsletter to gain access to the private Megaspore portal (Plus you’ll get my FREE e-book, The Live Wild Survival Guide just for subscribing!) Megaspores are AMAZING!

The Bedtime Betties Book Club – My book club on Facebook. This club is my favorite way to connect with other women. I created it with a common goal in mind: to establish a new habit of reading before bed to get a great night’s sleep so we have the energy to conquer the world! We read self-improvement books by women, for women (mostly) to help us evolve into the amazing women we know we are. Ready to strengthen your voice, get better sleep, and change the world?? Sign up on Facebook today! (June’s book is Daring Greatly by Brene Brown!)

Monday Mayhem! New and improved, my 12-week program is back and better than ever! If you want to lose weight without dieting, move more, better your digestion, reduce stress and find more self-confidence, this course is for you! Get an email every Monday for 12-weeks and start to make mayhem to your daily routine to get your shit together and start thriving! Sign up today!

Bikes – If you are or have ever been overweight, you probably have steered clear of these things as much as I have. However, I have been thinking of getting one regardless of how ridiculous I might look on it because, fuck it, who cares?! I read this post and was inspired. If you walk instead of drive like I do, biking can make the whole process faster J After some research, I am saving up my money to get this bike. Many Trek bikes have a weight limit of 275 pounds, so they are a great choice for those of us looking to lose some pounds, but still want to enjoy biking. Biking is fun, great for the environment and amazing for YOU. Plus the weather is PERFECT!

My Favorite Murder Podcast – OK, I know this might sound weird coming from a Health & Wellness Coach, but bear with me. I am a true crime NUT, which OK, might sound creepy or whatever, but I have always been intrigued by this stuff (I was pretty gothy in high-school and college so shut up! LOL!) This podcast is hosted by two very funny, strong and interesting women – Karen Gilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. So supporting the strong, funny and interesting women part is why it’s not so weird that I, as a Health & Wellness Coach for women, would follow this podcast (tell that to yourself if you can’t get past the part where I like the true crime thing, lol!) In fact this podcast just hit #1 in Comedy Podcasts on iTunes! Yes, it’s a comedy podcast about murder. They also have a kick-ass Facebook page. If you like true crime (and you’re embarrassed to admit it!) like to laugh, and want to support two amazing women, check it out!


What are some of your favorite things right now? Post ‘em up in the comments!


*Reminder: I use affiliate links from Amazon for products I recommend. My links do not alter the price in any way, and I just use them to make a small commission to support my blogging efforts so I can continue to keep bringing you good content. I would never recommend any products that I haven’t tried – and loved – myself!*
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