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How are you? Feeling a little frazzled by the holidays?

For once, I am not! How is that possible, you ask?

I have learned over the years that once all the prep & purchasing is done, Christmas day can be a time to finally relax and enjoy the people that you love. This year, my family is coming to my home for the holiday, so I made sure that the tree was up early and all the gifts were wrapped a week in advance so I can actually spend time with my family instead of running around doing all of this last-minute like I have in the past. Makes sense, right?

Xmas Tree 2015-2016 Winter

I realize that some last-minute issues always come up, like a gift being delayed in shipment, or a forgotten ingredient for a meal, or a relative doesn’t share his/her gift list until December 22nd. In fact, a few years ago, my kitchen ceiling had water raining down through it from the upstairs apartment on Thanksgiving thanks to a broken dishwasher! This unforeseen stuff does happen! But if you are prepared in advance for what you can control, the more relaxing & fun your holiday will be.

One way to ensure an enjoyable and less stressful Christmas Day is to plan your Christmas meals ahead of time.  And since I am all about eating nutritious meals even during the holidays, I am suggesting that you continue the grain free trend we started at Thanksgiving & make this Christmas at least gluten free as well! Less bloating and digestive issues & more nutrient dense meals mean a happier & healthier family at Christmas time! Since you are already frazzled, I will share my favorite Christmas Day eats with you so you don’t have to stress even more about what you are serving your family and can just use these recipes if you’d like. I am all about making life easier for you!

First, if you haven’t yet, try my suggested meals for a grain free Thanksgiving. They go over really well at Christmas too!

Christmas Day breakfast: Pumpkin pancakes!

Christmas lunch: I prefer to nibble instead of eating lunch on Christmas, so here are some appetizers I absolutely LOVE making – and love eating even more:

Christmas Dinner: Slow-cooker Roast Beef and Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Pomegranate No slaving over a stove all day on these recipes!

Christmas Dessert: Gluten Free Apple Crisp with ice cream. (I seriously could eat this every day!) This is one of the quickest desserts you can make and the payoff is just DELICIOUS!!! My added suggestion for this recipe is to peel the apples before cooking them. The skins have a tendency to fall off and mess with the texture. I also don’t love nutmeg, so I omit it and just add more cinnamon.

So there you have it! Rich, delicious, and easy to make meals and snacks for the whole family! Now you can R-E-L-A-X, have fun and enjoy your people!

And FYI – Don’t forget to take a walk or move around over Christmas too. Daily movement – especially walking – is so important for our health! Playing is even more fun than walking so if you can, get some outdoor games going on! It’s supposed to be almost 70 degrees here in the Boston area on Christmas this year! Crazy!!! One of my favorite outdoor games with family is Cornhole! SO FUN!!! (Plus, losers get to wash the dishes!)

Wishing you a VERY Merry (gluten-free) Christmas & Happy New Year!

Eat Real Food. Be Free. Live Wild!

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