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It’s been awhile since I have written a post here, I know. Truth is, I have been busy creating something that might be the best thing I have ever written. Seriously. It all started because I got into a workout rut.

I was expending too much energy on work and found myself with little to no energy or time to put into my workouts. The more time passed, the more I started dreading the idea of spending time in the gym because I knew the long layoff would make it harder to get back into shape. I became very disappointed by my mindset on this issue, and so I started pondering all those reasons we feel unmotivated and get into ruts from time to time – especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

Over the past year, I have talked to a lot of women about their experience of being “stuck” when it comes to diet and exercise. I keep hearing these same reasons over and over, and many of these reasons mirror what I had been going through: Too busy, too lazy, working out is too hard, no energy, feeling intimidated, and it’s not fun anymore.  I wondered more and more why there were these common thoughts that existed amongst all of these women, including myself, since we were all from different backgrounds, age groups, and locations. What was the connection?

And then, one day as I avoided the gym yet again, I realized what it was. I was stunned that I could get caught in such an easy trap since I spend my life trying to help others make important lifestyle and diet changes; ME, who views herself as a voice of sanity in a very confusing and daunting “diet” culture. How could this be?! The connection? The lack of prioritizing self-care. It is pervasive amongst women, especially those of us over 35. We are constantly doing for other people, constantly taking ourselves for granted, and constantly putting our own priorities on the back burner when things get difficult. The longer we spend in this trap, the more we forget how to trust ourselves to do the right things for ourselves. How do we cultivate trust? In one word: consistency.

Once I forgave myself for being ashamed that I fell into this rut, I came back fighting. I got my priorities in order. I made a plan for myself that was do-able and started creating new habits for myself to break the cycle, to take the place of some bad habits I picked up while I wasn’t paying attention to my wellbeing. With a little time and effort, I began to break free. I became consistent. I recorded everything I worked on in a journal, and I continue to write my story every day. Out of this, I created a program for all women who find themselves in this situation with step by step instructions on how to get out without succumbing to fear of change or fear of failure. Monday Mayhem was born!

I bring this program to you, free of charge. That’s right – it’s FREE. No strings attached. I do this because you are worth a chance. I do this because it is never too late. I do this because you can do this! If you’ve looked at my website lately, you will see signs of Monday Mayhem plastered on every page. It is a call to action for all of you who find yourselves stuck and can’t find a way out. Monday Mayhem is a 12 week course. You will receive an email from me every Monday for 12 weeks containing a lesson to work on each week. All you have to bring to the table is a commitment to take better care of yourself.

To enroll, sign up for my mailing list HERE and click the box called “Yes, send me the mayhem!” That’s it!

You may even enjoy this program more if you do it with a friend, so please share this post with any of your peeps who are feeling a bit stuck.

Here’s to us! I look forward to seeing you out there making some mayhem!


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