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What would you like 2014 to be like?

I am going to have a torrid love affair with my brain in 2014!

Wait, WHAT?

I generally do not like making New Year’s Resolutions, but mostly because I often do not keep all of them and then I feel a nagging voice that tells me I have failed in some way. It is silly to feel that way, I know. Especially since the main reason I often do not keep resolutions is because when I made them, I  was not ready to achieve them yet. Has that ever happened to you? You think you want something only to realize months or weeks later that you have no clue how to go about this? Something like: “Lose weight!” or “Buy a house!” or “Find a new job!” (I think I actually had all of those on my list once or twice!) This year, I am going to pick something that I can really sink my claws into.

My ideas.

I am going to let them run wild in 2014 and just allow myself to be dazzled!

The truth is that New Year’s resolutions are nothing more than ideas – but in order to become actual plans, ideas need to be corralled somehow. This is usually more work than our pretty little words on paper make it sound, as anyone who has lost weight, bought a house or found a new job can attest to.  Work is generally an unpleasant word, especially for those of us who are unsure how to proceed. So what if we just set our ideas free, see what form they take in time, and just enjoy the creative process? What if we give our ideas enough breadth so they can take on a life of their own? What if we give them the space enough to become actual, enjoyable plans? What if the work part was the enjoyment???

This is what I am going to find out in 2014!

Oh, ideas are so romantic aren’t they? They sound beautiful in your ear, look gorgeous on paper, and dance in your imagination like fields of flowers bending in the warm breeze… Ideas are magical, and hold all the possibility of the world. I know I already get seduced by my own ideas every day. I have daydreams that could rival the films of most Best Picture Oscar winners! I am going to get swept up folks. I am going to let my ideas run my life in 2014 and see where they take me. I am going to be romanced like I’ve never known possible. After all, I don’t think anyone could sweep me off my feet more persuasively than my own imagination!

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So instead of feeling like a failure when you don’t stick with a resolution, take a look at the resolution and understand why you didn’t do it. Maybe you just didn’t know how and the idea just needed some more nurturing. Or maybe the idea was not what you ultimately wanted at all. Life is amorphous. Things change. What you want in January may not be what you want in June. Nothing is set in stone. Ideas are like a river, constantly moving and renewing. Grab hold of the ones that turn you on most, set it free, and trust your journey.  Allow yourself to fall in love with your ideas, follow them where they lead, and enjoy the adventure. After all, it is all your own creation! We are the only ones in control of what we decide. In this way, I think the concept of making resolutions is a good one, but I don’t think we need to reserve this notion for January 1 every year.  I believe that every day holds the brilliant possibility for anything you can imagine. And I find this idea deeply exciting! (I am SO in love already!)

All of those flowers said, if you are walking through this life feeling like you are stuck, that you are on auto pilot, that you rarely “get to do what you want” then perhaps January 1 can serve as a wakeup call. After all, another year has rolled by, marked by another glittering ball drop in Times Square. Do you want to spend it the same way you did last year? Did you shine as brightly as that ball in Times Square? If the answer is YES, then you have achieved the ultimate goal.  Congratulations!  If the answer is NO, then take a long look at what is holding you back from getting what you want. What are your ideas? What do you imagine for yourself? Your power resides in you – only you can harness it or give it away. The choice is always yours. So take the reins. Feel the fear. And do it anyway. If you have the courage to imagine, you will find freedom on the other side. Let your ideas be your guide. Life is about being ALIVE. Fall in love with it. Embrace it. LIVE it!

Even if you do not make New Year’s resolutions, having at least the whiff of desire for change can be a huge step towards cultivating the ideas that can lead you to freedom. Sometimes, the biggest change you’ll ever make begins as only a whisper you hear when you are falling asleep at night. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Listen for it.

Happy New Year!


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