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This is a very special addition of My Wild Life!!!



People, I have been up to my ears in baking soda and coconut oil for months now! My kitchen seemed like it was constantly covered in a light film of that stuff, the dishwasher piled up regularly with mixing bowls and measuring spoons, the trash filled a little more every week with all my failures. But then it happened – my eyeballs, internet access, and taste-buds all collided in a serendipitous creation that was months in the making; I finally FINALLY made a toothpaste I don’t hate. In fact I LIKE it! I don’t gag, it doesn’t stain my sink or toothbrush because it is white in color (the containers in the pic I provide are blue and green, not the toothpaste,) it’s easy to make, cheap, and it tastes GOOD!

I found the recipe HERE at Wellness Mama (this should come as no surprise since Katie provides a powerhouse of DIY wellness recipes.) Please read the entire article that accompanies the recipe, plus click on the link Katie provides explaining the science behind tooth remineralization.

This recipe takes about 5 minutes to prepare. I used TBSPs as the parts size and added a TSP of Himalayan sea salt to this recipe for trace minerals. I made one batch with peppermint essential oil and one batch with orange and grapefruit essential oil. I purchased GoToob squeezable 3 oz tubes to store the toothpaste in so I could squeeze out the toothpaste like I normally would instead of scooping it out of a jar. The GoToobs are small and will store comfortably in your medicine cabinet like your old toothpaste tube would – no bulky or sloppy jars. Plus they are travel friendly!

Toothpaste Pic

Two points to note:

This toothpaste is VERY fizzy once it combines with your saliva, so do not be alarmed.

Because there is coconut oil in the recipe, if you live in a colder climate like I do, the toothpaste will become hard as a rock. Just hold your GoToob under hot water for a moment so it softens up enough to squeeze out of the tube again. (I will have to report back in summertime to see if the coconut oil melts too much if the toothpaste is kept out in the heat.)

I have been using this toothpaste for 2 weeks. I have no complaints!!!

Let me know if you try this recipe so I can hear your experience. And as always, if you have your own DIY toothpaste recipe – or ANY homemade household or beauty product that you love,  please post it in the comments below. I take my mission to live clean very seriously and would love to hear from more of you to help lead the way to a better planet and better health.

UPDATE 12/3/13: While I still continue to like this toothpaste, the tubes I have been using to store them have proven to be inadequate. The problem is that the toothpaste is too hard (due to the fact that coconut oil hardens below about 75 degrees) on a regular basis to squeeze anything out of the tube. I have usually had luck soaking the tube of toothpaste in hot water for a bit and then squeezing it easily onto my toothbrush, but since the tubes are not water-tight, water can get in and cause the toothpaste to become runny. And it’s a mess! So, as Wellness Mama suggests in her recipe, it is best to store this toothpaste in a jar, not a squeezable tube. Otherwise, it still rocks!


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