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2017 was like a steady cold rain of a year for me. Old and dear relationships ended. My priorities devolved into a lot of distracting behaviors instead of productive and healthy ones. Our political climate was a downpour (and still is). The road in 2017 was a complete and utter detour for me. I realized this when I took a look at this here blog and noticed that I haven’t posted in over a year. I love writing this blog, I love writing! So why didn’t I do it? This is just one of the many unanswerable questions I was faced with to account for being so out of it last year. So instead of beating myself up, I decided to look at 2017 as a sort of “taking the scenic route” approach to my life and that the ringing in of 2018 would be the impetus for taking a more direct route. I decided that on this Valentine’s Day, instead of walking away from 2017 only focusing on all that went wrong, I decided to reflect on what went right – what was actually good for me last year – in the hopes that I will stay focused on good things going forward. Sometimes we realize that we have to be our own inspirations and give some more love to ourselves.

In posting this 2017 Top 10 Love List on Valentine’s Day, I am hoping to reach others who have been feeling stuck in the same leaky boat and extend a little life-raft love to any of you fellow spiritual stragglers, and try to ease any negativity hangovers from 2017. Not all 10 items are health and wellness related, but I do count entertainment as something positive, since what is more important in life than enjoying it??  (That said, I watched WAY too much TV last year which I can directly correlate to some extra pounds I accumulated. I made a pact with my boyfriend starting this year that if we end up watching more than 2 hours of TV in a given day, we will do body-weight exercises during commercial breaks instead of just fast-forwarding on the DVR. NICE, riiiight?) And finally, while many of these items were not invented/created in 2017, I discovered and experienced them in 2017, so it all counts. So without further commentary, here is my love list:

My 2017 Top 10 Love List

1) My Top 5 Recipes in 2017

Yes, I put a top-5 list inside a top-10 list, what of it?? Maybe lists inside lists are my thing now in 2018…? Anyway, by far, the most fun part about being stuck in a rut is all the good eating! The not-so-good eating is, well, not so good and in my experience just adds to the rut (which happened to me many times in 2017.) But even so, I did my best to try to make healthy recipes often since that has been a normal thing for me for many years now. Nothing gets me out of the doldrums faster than finding and cooking new and delightful meals. So I did! Here were 5 recipes that repeated often in 2017:

Asian “Peanut” Sauce from PaleOMG (the full recipe is actually “Asian “Peanut Sauce Noodle Bowl” which looks delicious, but at the time of discovery I was just looking for a good paleo-friendly peanut-free substitute for peanut sauce to put on my kelp noodles.) Yes, that’s correct – I was looking for peanut-free peanut sauce. Listen…Peanuts are often GMO and also they are legumes, not nuts. Many folks, like me, have digestive issues with legumes, so I subbed almond butter since that is what I had in my pantry. This sauce is MONEY! I could drink this stuff

Spaghetti Squash Au Gratin by Dandy Dishes I wanted comfort food and this dish was so freaking comforting. Anything creamy and cheesy ticks the boxes for me when I am frumped, and in this case it was spaghetti squash. I was tired of the same old spaghetti-squash-subbing-as-spaghetti-with-meat-sauce dish I’d been eating forever, so I figured why not find a recipe to sub it for potatoes instead, or even another pasta like elbows for mac-n-cheese to keep to my lower carb, gluten-free mealplan? Well, this one satisfied the potato au-gratin or mac-n-cheese cravings in a big way for me, and since it is low carb, you can feel good about that if you are trying to lose some weight.

Hot & Sweet Ginger-Garlic Chicken by 21-Day Sugar Detox I love this recipe so much, apparently I can’t stop talking about it since I just shared it with my newsletter subscribers last month. It’s simply chicken thighs with a lovely ginger/garlic sauce with spices & onions that is so easy and tasty that I pretty much made it every week last year. (I’m still making it!) At this point I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to Coconut Aminos…Being that this is a recipe from the 21-Day Sugar Detox, you know it’s low glycemic and good for you, but has the flavors of a rich, decadent meal. Eat up!

Pan Seared Mahi Mahi over Sticky Coconut “Rice” with Mango Salsa by PaleOMG Yeah, it’s a mouthful, but what an amazing mouthful it is!!! It takes me to a tropical place where everything is sunny, warm and not like 2017. I know this is the second PaleOMG recipe I’ve shared here but it’s because Juli Bauer is a wizard in the kitchen and plus she is hilarious. I needed as many hilarious wizards in 2017 as I could possibly summon and Juli kept on showing up in my newsfeed with her amazing food! This was one of my favorite dinners in 2017. This recipe sounds complicated and it has a lot of steps, BUT it only takes about half an hour. AND you can have freaking mango salsa leftovers the next day! That said, if you don’t have the wherewithal or time to rice your own cauliflower, Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s both have fresh riced cauliflower all ready to cook. I took this approach since I am not a fan of cleaning the food processor. Whole Foods also has a fresh mango salsa which is pretty good if you don’t have time/energy to make your own. If you can’t find Mahi Mahi, this dish is da bomb with pretty much all fish, so don’t limit yourself. Plus it’s so pretty! 

(Paleo) Deep Dish Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Blondies by With Salt and Wit This thing is downright dangerous. Let’s break it down: ‘Deep dish’ ‘Salted Caramel’ ‘Chocolate Chip’ ‘Blondies’. Pardon me a moment while I wipe up my drool. This treat delivers in a big way if you are looking for a rich, warm, gooey dessert without the gluten. I think even gluten-eaters would be impressed! This was easily my fave go-to dessert in 2017. Mmmm….

2) Floating

I went to Frost and Float Spa for my first float therapy session in 2017. I had heard good things about float therapy and decided to finally try it. Floating inside a sensory deprivation tank…it was weird. And interesting. And AMAZING. The tank reminded me of a white space-pod and it was like I got swallowed by it and took a trip to infinity. I guess you have to try it yourself to get what I mean, since I am having trouble describing the sensations. Maybe that’s because it was akin to an other-worldly experience for me. Anyway, after learning all the protocols – take a quick shower first, put in ear plugs, familiarize with adjusting music & lights, operating the tank lid, and remembering not touch my face to avoid getting salt in my eyes (never fear- they had a spray-bottle with fresh water inside the tank in case you do get the salt water in your eye) – I sank into the silky, body-temperature, Epsom-salted water and immediately felt myself float up to the water surface. It was strange and a little claustrophobic in the tank at first, and it took me about 15 minutes of the 1 hour session to relax enough to completely shut the tank lights off. Then about another 15 minutes went before I decided to shut off the music and just go for it. And that is when the magic happened! The last half an hour or so was full on nothingness. I felt like I was literally floating, not even on water, but just floating. I couldn’t feel my body and my thoughts literally came and went and then the next thing I knew, the bubble-jets in the tank came on, the rippling water being the indicator that my float session had ended. It was weird getting out of the tank, feeling Earth’s gravitational pull again, but after I showered and got dressed I felt more energetic and positive than I had felt in a long time. The feeling is equivalent to the endorphin high after a tough workout – and at the same time extremely stress-free and relaxed, like the feeling after a massage. I knew instantly that I wanted to do this again and again. In fact, for Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I are going floating together. Now that’s romantic! (But no, not in the same tank, silly! Just at the same time.) It’s his first float, so I can’t wait to hear about his experience.

If you are interested in learning more about floating, and what to expect, here is the information on the Frost and Float Spa website where I went. If you want to look at a clinical trial detailing of the benefits of float therapy, check it out here.

3) Supplements & Beauty

I was often looking for ways to feel better last year, whether it was for psychological reasons or physical ones, and I tried a few things that did the trick. It’s pretty simple, really. Making healthy choices always works. Since I turned 45 in 2017, skin care was on my mind a lot as you will see in my list below. Obviously, there is no substitute for healthy eating, regular movement, good sleep, sunshine, and stress reduction, but every little bit helps! *As always, if you are thinking of trying new supplements, speak to a medical professional and do your own research first.*

CBD Oil – I have never been much of a weed smoker since it always irritated my lungs & made me paranoid, but I always liked the idea of taking in a medicinal plant to improve focus, relaxation, and even alleviate some health issues like digestive problems or anxiety. After doing some reading and research, I decided to try 2 Rise Naturals brand CBD oil and see what happened. The result was more even moods, better focus, less appetite, and deeper sleep. I’m in love!

Activated Charcoal Soap – Activated charcoal soap was everywhere last year (and still is) so I tried The Yellow Bird brand and have been using it for about 8 months. It smells clean, like lemon. My skin is very soft, less flaky & itchy, less blackheads and my pores are smaller. The soap is black and will turn your washcloths black, but it washes out easily in the washing machine.

Hemp Seed Oil – this is different from CBD oil. (I found a thorough detailing of the difference from this blog) but simply stated (on that blog), “Hemp oil, commonly referred to as hemp seed oil, is made from pressing cannabis seeds to extract the fatty oil from within. This oil is highly nutritious and has many beneficial applications…” I read online about how people were treating various dry skin issues with hemp seed oil, and since I was having issues with eczema on my foot, I purchased Nutiva Organics Hemp Seed Oil and used it topically on the affected area. In combination with using the charcoal soap, the dry skin and redness on my foot completely disappeared after about 2 months of regular use! You can also take hemp seed oil internally, use on salads, etc., but I personally am not a fan of the taste. However, next time I make some homemade moisturizer, I will definitely be using this stuff.

Face wash & face cream with hyaluronic acid: I decided I needed more face love since I am getting older and was thrilled to find my face product soulmate while browsing on Thrive market! The Derma-E Hydrating Collection. I kept seeing articles about skin care with hyaluronic acid and wanted to try to give the skin on my face & neck a boost. I ordered all the items and started using them as part of a morning and evening beauty ritual that I’ve managed to keep doing for a few months now. These products smell divine! And they are all natural so I feel good about using them. The skin on my face is definitely more hydrated and brighter and I notice a rosy glow after application. I also do a clay mask about once a week or every other week to clean out all the toxins. So far, I am pleased with the results.

Matcha tea – I was late to the matcha tea party and decided to make up for lost time so I starting drinking matcha just about every day in 2017. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I think matcha tea is my favorite tea overall. I love using the bamboo whisk and frothing it up! I love the bright green color. I love how it tastes, how it relaxes me and how I don’t feel jittery after drinking it at all. The brand I’ve been using most is Do Matcha ceremonial tea. It’s warm and soothing and has been reported to have a lot of health benefits. I’m going to go make some right now!

4) Cold Shoulder Tops

I purchased my first cold shoulder top in December 2017, which is kind of a late addition for this list, I know, but I had been thinking about getting some all year. (If you don’t know what “cold shoulder” tops are, check out some images here.) Weirdly, I discovered that my hesitation was due to lack of courage. For some reason, I was actually nervous about purchasing a top that revealed my shoulders, which is ridiculous because in the past, I’d worn push-up bras and v-neck tops exposing my cleavage on the regular with no problem. I thought deeply on this and realized that what I was experiencing was feeling OLD because I assumed the cold shoulder top was a younger woman’s deal. But I was so so so wrong. I paid closer attention when I went out and noticed there were PLENTY of women over 40, over 50, sporting this sweet style. And they looked GOOD! So I became determined to join them! In December, I went shopping and tried on all the pretty shirts with holes in the shoulders and I decided to finally pull the trigger. I now own 5 of them – 2 sweaters, 2 long sleeve and one short sleeve. I feel classy + sexy when I wear them – exactly what I hoped these shirts would provide. So cleavage be damned – show those shoulders instead!

Despite my weird expression & strange hair, I love this top 🙂

5) Monthly Local/Pastured Meat Deliveries

I do NOT like factory-farmed meat. It may be conventional, but over the years that convention is making us sick, the animals sick, and the environment sick. It’s just, well, sickening that this is the practice our great country allows for the nourishment of its citizens. Since it’s difficult to find pasture-raised meat in the chain grocery stores (though I’ve seen some grass-fed ground beef in more places of late) and damn near impossible to find pastured LOCAL meat, I decided to set up a monthly meat delivery from a nearby source here in Massachusetts, Walden Local Meat. This has been a game changer for me since ALL the meat is pastured and comes from farms in a local radius, which is good for small businesses, the environment, and our health. Each piece of meat is frozen and vacuum sealed with the information of what farm is came from. My freezer is always full of a variety of meat and different cuts so I am never bored. Their website is user-friendly and you can choose how much meat and eggs you want each month and even change your delivery date or skip a delivery if you need to. They always send a seasonal recipe with your delivery which is pretty sweet too. I feel pretty fucking good that I have opted out of factory-farming hell for good. If you want to learn more about factory farming vs pasture-raised farming, there are many many resources online. I like following Diana Rodgers from Sustainable Dish on this topic. She (and others) hope to Help Make America Graze Again. If you are interested in finding the local pastured meat near you, you can start by searching here.

6) My Top-7 Podcasts

Podcasts are my favorite medium to learn things and be entertained while I am doing other tasks. I pop in my headphones when I am cooking, cleaning or walking. (I generally listen to music when I am working out to keep my energy level up.) In case you didn’t know, I am a true crime connoisseur, so most of my favorite podcasts are of that ilk. Dark, I know, but on the flip side, I also like storytelling, comedy, fantasy football (I actually won my league championship in 2016!!! But we are not talking about 2016, are we..?) and of course health & wellness so some of those other genres are mixed in as well. Here are my Top 7, in no particular order. **WARNING: Some of these podcasts are serials which can be spoiled pretty easily if you go a-Googling, so please be mindful if you decide to look into them.**

My Favorite Murder – a comedy podcast about true crime. Yeah, that’s right. Look and listen…Karen and Georgia are hilarious hosts and are both a light in the darkness when discussing true crime – because honestly, if you don’t laugh, you’re going to cry. They tell 2 interesting true crime stories each full length episode, and have shorter minisodes sprinkled throughout. They remind you there are real creeps out there and instill you with the wherewithal to stay vigilant and be safe. The fandom is HUGE and close-knit and amazing and mostly women – we call ourselves “Murderinos”. If you’re unsure if you want to try it, read this in-depth review to help you decide. I started listening to this podcast at its inception back in 2016, but it has remained my #1 favorite podcast overall to date. #SSDGM ladies!

Up and Vanished – podcast was THE BEST true crime podcast in 2017 (Sorry Karen & Georgia!) It’s a cold case about the 2005 disappearance of Tara Grinstead, a high school teacher from a small town in Georgia. What makes this podcast really stand out, other than the mystery itself, the good reporting, & an intelligent host, is that during the course of the podcast, this cold case takes a surprising turn! Holy cats! Go listen! Now!

The Tobolowsky Files – Actor Stephen Tobolowsky has the best storytelling podcast I’ve ever listened to on a regular basis. In fact, this podcast was one of the first podcasts I ever followed many, many years ago. The reason I added it to my 2017 list is because after a lengthy hiatus, he resumed the podcast again and I got caught up last year. If you like funny, clever, heartfelt, life-affirming & illuminating stories, you’ll just love this one.

2 Dope Queens – ladies, if you are not listening to these two self-titled “Coco Khaleesis”, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson, you are missing out on some of the most fun and hilarious stuff in podcast land! Do you like to laugh? Do you like live stand-up comedy? Do you like strong women who put themselves out there? Then just go download and listen and laugh and be happy! (FYI – they also have a new 4-episode special on HBO so you can check that out too if you want to see them in action.)

Dirty John – The most addicting podcast for me of all! If you like serial investigative thrillers or mysteries, you will get hooked like I did. I binged the whole thing in one day. Apparently Bravo may pick it up as a TV series! Who IS this John Meehan??

Homecoming – this is an entertaining, serial-style mystery story that has a companion eBook to be read during Season 2 of the podcast called “The Lost Coast.” In December, I chose this podcast and eBook as a change of pace for my women’s self-care book club, The Bedtime Betties. (If you haven’t joined my book club yet, and you are a woman who is into self-care or knows she needs more self-care, please join us on Facebook today!) The innovative idea of combining a celebrity-laden cast (Katherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, Amy Sedaris and David Schwimmer, to name a few) performing the audio clips in conjunction with a written word alternate point of view, was really interesting and definitely sucked me right in. (FYI – Schwimmer totally KILLS it!)

Sustainable Dish – I just talked a little about Diana Rodgers regarding pasture-raised meat in the segment above. She is a Registered Dietitian who lives on a working organic farm in Massachusetts, and believes in real food – and she is amazing! Her podcast is informative and interesting and chock full of good health & lifestyle information.

7) My Game of Thrones Obsession

The show Game of Thrones is OK. I don’t love it. But it makes me want a dragon and a dire wolf and so I get into it. That being said, it interested me enough to read the books – plus the internet was always clamoring about how the books are far better, and much different, than the show. When I read the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R.R. Martin a couple of years ago, I was forever changed. I wanted to know everything about this world. I immediately binge read A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms and The World of Ice and Fire. With no sign of the next book, The Winds of Winter, coming out anytime soon, like any obsessed fan, I went to the internet and read and listened to everything that filled the void. Keep in mind that all of the following links contain spoilers for the book series, so if you haven’t read the books yet, you might want to avoid these sites until you do.

Faves On YouTube:

Order of the Green Hand

Preston Jacobs

Alt Shift X

Fave Website:

The Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire

Fave Podcast*:

Radio Westeros

 *A new GOT podcast came out this January called Not a Podcast: ASOIAF Re-Read Podcast  which is what it says: BryndenBFish from The Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire website (above) and PoorQuentyn from the Poor Quentyn website teamed up to re-read and discuss every single chapter of the ASOIAF book series, airing a podcast and chapter once per week. These two are powerhouses in the fandom and both do amazing analyses and breakdowns. I am already into it and imagine that if I do a Top 10 List for 2018, this podcast will be on it.


I hadn’t eaten crackers since going gluten-free about 7 years ago. I just never liked any of the ones I tried to make at home, nor much of the gluten free ones I tried at the market. So I pretty much gave up years ago. HOWEVER, last year my boyfriend purchased Simple Mills Fine Ground Sea Salt Crackers on a whim one day at Whole Foods and I was the lucky gal to be sitting next to him when he first opened the box (Thank you, Universe!) I didn’t really have high expectations given that I am not usually a fan of most store-bought gluten-free snacks, so the fact that these were so damn delicious about blew my mind. Crackers are back, Jack!! I’ve been buying them ever since. In fact, just last week I picked up some more and dipped them into this delightful Creamy Bean-Free Avocado “Hummus” that I’m now in love with (it will be on a potential 2018 Top 10 love list for sure!). Simple Mills also has gluten-free muffin, cupcake and cake mixes with simple, clean ingredients that taste great and require very few ingredients. I’ve made their Chocolate Muffin & Cupcake Mix as well as their Pumpkin Muffin Mix. Pretty pretty pretty good! Sometimes it’s just nice to be able to grab a box of a healthier, pre-prepared baking mix instead of doing it all yourself, isn’t it? Thrive Market* has the cheapest price I could find on Simple Mills products.

*BTW – If you don’t have a Thrive Market membership already, please go and get one! Membership has a free 30-Day trial period so you have nothing to lose – except overpaying for healthier and gluten-free food options at the grocery store! Plus, for every new membership, Thrive Market gifts a membership to a low-income family. Last time I checked, they were giving new members 20% off their first 3 orders with a coupon code. Sweet! FYI – I am not an affiliate, I am just a huge fan.

9) My Top-10 TV Shows

As I mentioned in the intro, I watched A LOT of TV in 2017. I think (I know) I was trying to escape from reality, and I must say I was taken with how easy that was due to the volume of quality shows out there! I have always been a fan of movies and TV, having gone to college for screenwriting, but I do not recall a time in our history where there was such an abundance of next-level, incredible, & creative shows on TV. It’s truly amazing! Of course, if you are trying to be more physically active, this can be quite a distraction as well, but given that Netflix was the content winner by far in my experience, you can watch your Netflix shows any time your schedule allows so it doesn’t interfere with your fitness. Balance is good! There are shows I love that I did not include in this top-10 list, like The Americans, Better Call Saul, and  Mr. Robot(all SUCH amazing shows) but only because I started watching them before 2017. My synopses below don’t do any of these shows proper justice – I tried to keep it simple to avoid spoilers. My list below is in no particular order.

Mindhunter – The Netflix drama is created by David Fincher about the FBI criminal investigators that coined the term “serial killer” and began the infancy of criminal profiling & criminal psychology as tools to identify & catch killers. They learn by interviewing incarcerated serial killers – these scenes are just unbelievably scripted & shot & creepy af – meanwhile a new serial killer is out there & he’s just getting started. Chills and thrills! I’m freaked out again just writing about this!

American Vandal – This mockumentary from Netflix follows a high school student that is accused of vandalism – specifically, spray-painting teachers’ cars with penises. From Wikipedia: “The series is a satire of true crime documentaries such as Making a Murderer and Serial (which it is explicitly compared to in episode 4).” And wow does it deliver! A strange and hilarious investigation ensues, and pretty soon you too will know the answer to “Who drew the dicks?”

Big Mouth – I am not big watcher of animated shows, but after hearing how funny this one was, I tried it – and then binged the entire first season in one day. This Netflix comedy is about adolescence and puberty and all its embarrassing, hormonal glory. It takes you back to your tweens and reminds you of how much it sucked, but allows you laugh & feel the heart of it all. The impressive cast is full of comedians and the characters’ intimate/interesting situations are hilarious. It definitely surprised & delighted me.

Wormwood – My favorite documentary filmmaker, Errol Morris, was at it again. This time with a Netflix documentary about a scientist, Frank Olsen, who participated in the secret government program Project MK Ultra in the 1950’s and who died mysteriously by “falling” out of a hotel window. This series unravels the government secrets behind this case and follows Olsen’s son, who is trying to put the pieces together about his father’s death – a mystery that has consumed his entire life to the present day. Riveting.

Lady DynamiteMaria Bamford is my hero. To my sense of humor, there is no comedian who is funnier. This is her comedy show on Netflix. It is about her trials at navigating life and show business while coping with mental illness. It’s weird and wacky, a silly, surreal, self-deprecating, dark yet funny journey of a woman who is desperately trying to keep it together. Sadly, Netflix is not renewing this show, but at the same time Maria Bamford has said that the schedule to shoot this program was extremely hard on her due to how tired her meds make her feel, so maybe it’s for the best. Bamford is a comedic treasure and this show is nothing short of magical.

Bojack Horseman – another Netflix animated comedy that really won me over. This show was my biggest surprise since it looks so stupid from the outside. It is extremely difficult to describe, but Wikipedia did a pretty good job so I’ll borrow that: “While BoJack Horseman may have a satirical take on current events, politics, and show business, the show is lauded for its realistic take on dealing with depression, trauma, addiction, and self-destructive behavior.” Brilliant.

Atlanta – I think I’m in love with Donald Glover. Seriously. He is so intelligent, talented and cute af! He created, stars in, produces, writes, and directs this comedy on FX. It’s about his character, Earn, who drops out of college & comes back home to Atlanta to figure it all out. Earn is extremely smart and weird and stressed out. He decides he is going to be a manager for his hilarious, up-and-coming rapper cousin Alfred (AKA “Paper Boi”) to try make it big in Atlanta’s rap scene, while trying to be a father to the child he had with his very disappointed baby mama. Per an IMDB synopsis, our characters “come face to face with social and economic issues touching on race, relationships, poverty, status and parenthood.” It’s wonderfully funny, heartfelt, real, and delightfully unique. Season 2 starts March 1 on FX. I can’t wait!

Baskets Zack Galifianakis is a co-creator and stars in a dual role in this comedy on FX. He is so amazing! He plays identical twin brothers, Chip and Dale Baskets, whose lives intersect when Chip (our brooding main character) fails to get his degree at a prestigious clown college in France and due to that failure, has to move back home to Bakersfield, California. This is a clever & strange, melancholic, & often very touching story about failed dreams, failed marriages, and coming home to find oneself and start again. The real gem in this show is Chip & Dale’s mother, played brilliantly by comedian Louie Anderson. Season 3 is airing now on FX.

Better Things – a FX comedy co-created by and starring actress Pamela Adlon follows the life of a divorced LA actress who is raising her 3 daughters on her own. This show is raw, often delving into difficult subjects & scenes, as we watch Sam, Adlon’s character, struggle with motherhood and her career, bombarded by her daughters – and time. Throughout, we see her exhibit both vulnerability and strength, making mistakes, feeling unappreciated, and trying her damnedest to figure it all out. Her actions can be simultaneously admired and despised, smothering or cold, and at times controversial, making for a roller-coaster of a show. This show is about mothers and daughters, family identity, and all the shades of being a woman in today’s world. It’s real, it’s tough and it’s emotional, yet so incredibly funny at times, with a strong, feminist bent. Pamela Adlon’s performance is stunning. But I was already hooked the moment I first heard the theme song.

The Handmaid’s Tale – this timely Hulu drama starring Elizabeth Moss (who I am so fond of from Mad Men and Top of the Lake) is based on the novel by Margaret Atwood. The future is an infertile place where only a small amount of women can bear children, so of course, these women are captured and enslaved by the ruling fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. From Wikipedia: “The plot follows a dystopian future following a Second American Civil War where women, called Handmaids“, are forced into sexual and child-bearing servitude.” Suffice it to say, it is fucked up. Moss’s character, who was separated from her husband and daughter when she was captured, will do anything to find them – but that would most likely mean her own death, or worse. It’s a frightening glimpse at a dark future, full of tense drama. I sat there mesmerized as I binge-watched the hell out of this thing. Holy moly!

10) Dilly Dilly!

Yeah, I can’t stop saying it either but it is so fun to say! And it says so little and yet so much. So unless you’ve been living in the wilderness, you’ve probably dilly-dillied a few times yourself in 2017. It is still my go-to toast for everything.

Well, that’s all folks. I hope this love list gave you at least some inspiration to get out of the doldrums and into a more positive headspace in 2018. Or at least to inspire you to podcast while cooking a healthy meal to eat while you watch Netflix after your workout 🙂 If you would like more assistance getting out of your health and lifestyle rut, sign up for Monday Mayhem today and get weekly tips right to your in-box for 12 weeks!

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Dilly Dilly!)


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