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Happy 4th of July!

Today I am doing something new and different. I have been contacted by one of my readers who asked me if he could write a guest post here on Live Wild! He said that he really enjoyed my blog post You CAN Heal Yourself  and wanted to contribute to my blog.  He wrote a really helpful piece titled “Eating Healthy on Vacation” which I thought would be perfect to post today for the big travel & BBQ weekend! He has some great tips to eating & living healthy when you are out having life’s great adventures!  Since I am not one to travel too much, I thought sharing his ideas would add another dimension to living wild.

Please welcome Cole Millen!


Eating Healthy on Vacation

Have you worked hard to get off those pesky pounds so that you can truly enjoy life and your upcoming vacation? Are you worried about packing on the pounds with rich vacation fare that brings back the belly? Would you like to enjoy your vacation while also choosing healthy foods and spending time at vacation spots that promote your health? If you want to watch your weight and live a healthy lifestyle while you are on vacation, then follow this vacation guide for healthy eating. You will learn important tips for staying fit and eating right no matter where you travel in the world. Vacations are made for a little splurging, but that does not mean you have to make poor decisions about your diet and regret those decisions when you return home. Make the most of your vacation and feel great with these quick tips for healthy eating while you travel.

Variety-of-Fruit-Wallpaper-fruit-6333847-1024-768Your first decision comes at the airport, where you will need to decide what to eat. Eating a filling and nutritious meal at home before departure will ensure that you won’t splurge on the first thing that you see. Instead of eating at one of many fast food restaurants or eating bar food, select raw foods such as salads and fruit cups. Try a smoothie, drink lots of water, and avoid salty foods that can contribute to dehydration in flight. Make the most of the airport’s gym-like apparatus. For example, walk up and down the stairs, carry your luggage, and walk around the terminal while you are waiting for your flight. On the plain, drink water and avoid sodas.

One of the most important aspects of a healthy vacation is choosing the right hotel and destination. It is extremely important to ensure that the place you stay can cater to your healthy lifestyle; after all you are living there for the time being. Doing some research on your hotel and area rather than picking the cheapest one is pivotal. The websites can be very helpful but often times misleading. In my experience, reviews from other travelers alike provide the best form of honest information. I recently took a trip out west to Sin City and found myself puzzled as to how the heck I could maintain my healthy lifestyle in such a buffet ridden city. Fortunately, while researching I stumbled upon a great site called Gogobot that had a list of reviews for Las Vegas hotels regarding not only their amenities, but also the restaurants in the area, as well as things to do. This tool made it easier than ever to remain healthy even in one of the unhealthiest cities in the world!

Once you get to your destination, take precautions at your hotel. If you know that you will feel the urge to snack, then do not accept the key to your room’s minibar. Drop by a local market or convenience store to pick up healthy snacks like bottled water, nuts, dried fruits, whole grain cereals, whole fruits, and other healthy snacks that you can keep in your room for snacking.

When looking for a restaurant in the area, look for ones that have good reviews and healthy cuisine. For example, seafood restaurants offer broiled and baked fish. Try a sushi restaurant for fresh, raw fish. Opt for a restaurant with a salad bar and go light on the dressing. Avoid breadbaskets and instead eat a small snack of fruit and nuts before you go out for a dinner meal. Remember your “safe words” when you are dining out. If you see words such as “boiled, broiled, light, multi-grain, steamed, and baked” on the menu, then it is likely these foods are healthy choices. Always ask your waiter was goes into a dish that you are interested in, and listen out for the warning words such as “butter, cream, smothered, breaded, and country-style.” Also, opt for steamed vegetables instead of traditional sides such as mashed potatoes, French fries, and other sides heavy in carbohydrates.

Finally, take advantage of your vacation locale by getting outside for an evening walk on the beach, swimming a few laps in the pool, or using your hotel’s gym. Following these simple and quick tips can ensure that you come back from your vacation feeling as great as the day you left!

Cole Millen, is an avid traveler and foodie who never forgets that life’s best memories are made through real life apprehension of legitimate “experiences.” Follow his blog at Cole’s Mill.


If you are a reader who would like to contribute to my site and my mission to Eat Real Food, Be Free, and Live Wild, please email me your ideas and articles at  I would love to start a segment of reader guest posts here on the blog!

Happy 4th of July! Travel safe – and healthy!


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