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In 2014, I am Falling in Love!

What would you like 2014 to be like? I am going to have a torrid love affair with my brain in 2014! Wait, WHAT? I generally do not like making New Year’s Resolutions, but mostly because I often do not keep all of them and then I feel a nagging voice that tells me I...

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Ask For Awesomeness This Christmas!

This year is going to be different! You are going to lose that excess body-fat because you are going to tap into how it got there in the first place. You are going to get healthy because you are not only armed with that important information, but you are going to get...

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What Are You Good At?

I saw this video today and HAD to share it with you!! It speaks to everything I have been talking about and is the essence of what finding freedom IS. You ARE stronger than you THINK.  

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What Are You Thankful For?

Happy Thanksgiving! Or is it? It seems this holiday gets mixed up with eating too much and crashing, coma-like on the couch to watch football. Not that I have anything against watching football, or eating for that matter! I love sports AND food. But what I am getting...

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Food is Not The Enemy – You Are!

I love food. To me, having a delicious meal can be equivalent to falling in love. It is just SO GOOD! But I didn’t always believe that food was good for me because I was overweight for so long. I believed my relationship with food was one-sided; I loved it, but it...

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Beef Stew is Awesome!

There are few meals that have such an overall appeal to the mainstream public as beef stew.  I have delighted in the fact that it is cool enough outside to make my version of this hearty meal again since the last thing I like doing in the summer is standing over a hot...

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