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Gluten-free Bacon and Avocado Grilled Cheese

Lately I have been craving comfort foods. Who doesn't sometimes? But comfort food does not have to mean cooking with shoddy ingredients. I REALLY wanted grilled cheese last weekend and I went on a mission to make it fit my diet and health parameters so I wouldn't feel...

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My 10 Favorite Things Right Now

I like a lot of things these days, so I wanted to share my top 10 (mostly) health and wellness related things that I am just loving right now!   Try them, don't try them - either way I am sharing them with you because they're awesome! Happy Memorial Day!  ...

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SPRING IS IN THE AIR, MY DARLINGS!!! Spring is the perfect time for self-transformation since we can see it happening all around us in nature as the world goes from gray to green. And so do we! We can come out of hibernation now and ease back into the outside world...

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My New Favorite Energy-Packed Breakfast Smoothie!

I really dig smoothies for breakfast, especially when I do not have a lot of time or I do not feel like cooking. I experiment with ingredients often, and one morning I came up with the following and I LOVE IT! This one is chock full of vitamins and minerals, good...

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Too Busy to Cook? Think Again!

I know how busy you all are. I am too. Somehow our society has decided that busy = productive and that being busy is a good thing. It means you are successful, engaged, and living a full life…right? Or does it? Due to being busy, many of us do not have time for...

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FREE Microbiome Medicine Summit!

Hi All! I wanted to let you know about an amazing event that is happening from February 29 - March 7: The Microbiome Medicine Summit. This educational event will be available in its entirety online, and I have affiliated with them to bring it to you - FREE!!!! If you...

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