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My Wild Life continues to be wild!

A lot has been going on this winter and I want to share it with you today. The reason I do this is not for me, it’s for you! A main mission of mine has to always been to “walk the talk” so to speak, showing you that I am always working to better my own health, education and programs so I can be a better person and Health Coach. I also do this to remind you that if I can do it, so can you – whatever your goals may be.

So I have made some big life changes. After much deliberation about which trajectory I wanted to take my Health Coaching business AND my lifestyle, I decided to build a REAL home gym. Yes! My man and I cleared out the guest room, are in the process of buying protective gym flooring, a rowing machine, more barbells, etc. This is exciting on many levels. The first being that before we decided to do this, we already  had a squat rack and weights just hanging out in the dining room! We had to move the table, chairs, etc to get any workouts done. This may not sound like a big deal, but personally, I found this act of moving everything so tedious after awhile, that I ended up joining my local CrossFit box so I would be able to get in and out, get my sweat on and be done with it. (This is a good lesson for everyone, by the way – make doing your workout routine as unencumbered as possible so you will actually DO it.) For those of you that know me, you will know that I love doing CrossFit and weightlifting, so my experience at the box was invaluable and very rewarding. However, I had spent a lot of money on the home equipment and was not thrilled that I was not using it. Plus I was spending an additional $120/mo at CrossFit. So, like I said, after much deliberation, I decided to quit the box and put my time, money (and body!) into building my own gym at home. Once it’s complete, you bet I will be posting pics.

Which leads to my second headline. I have just started training to be a Certified Personal Trainer at NASM! Yes! BIG DOINGS! I should have that certification in 3-6 months, and once I do I will be adding an exercise program to my Health Coaching program! For local clients, that means I will be able to train you in my own gym! On top of that, since the training would be in my home, I could take local clients into my kitchen and do some education about post-workout nutrition. For those clients living elsewhere, I am considering doing workout progressions on video or workouts via Skype, but still have more thinking to do about that. I would love your feedback on whether or not you personally would consider video or Skype personal training sessions. This is deeply exciting to me since my current program is all about healthy weight loss for women, but there is really no way to separate healthy eating with exercise since they are synergistic as the 2 main components of losing body fat and maintaining health. So I will keep you posted on my Personal Training certification and the new programs I will be announcing in the future for Live Wild, LLC.

And finally, speaking of healthy eating and exercise, I finally published my eBook, Live Wild to Lose Weight; 4 Steps to Freedom from ALL that Weighs You Down! It’s for sale for $9.95. Please tell your female friends who are struggling with weight loss to check it out. For those of you who are newsletter subscribers who accepted my offer for my eBook for free, check your inboxes – I sent them out on January 22. I hope you enjoy it! I would love your feedback! If you have not joined my newsletter yet, please do so here.

SO what are you up to? What changes are on your horizon? I would love to hear from you!

Thanks again for your support!  Stay warm!




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