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christmas-presentsThis year is going to be different! You are going to lose that excess body-fat because you are going to tap into how it got there in the first place. You are going to get healthy because you are not only armed with that important information, but you are going to get healthy because you believe in yourself. If you have been following my 4-Steps to Find Freedom From ALL that Weighs You Down, then you know you are on the path to being free from those things that were holding you back. (If you are not then YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Sign up for my newsletter and get on this unforgettable ride!) SO, while you are traveling this transformative and exciting road, how about asking for things for Christmas this year that will compliment your journey?  How about giving gifts to your loved ones to promote their journey? It’s all about the love, baby!

I have compiled a gift list that may inspire you to ask for something really good for you this year, and so you can bestow some goodness onto your special people as well. If you, or anyone you know wants to lose weight, reduce stress, exercise more, get better sleep, and/or have more energy, (who doesn’t desire at least one of those things!?) here are some gift ideas that will support your goals:

1) [embedit snippet=”vegetable-spiralizer”]

Whether you are trying to eat fewer grains, want to get more vegetables in your diet, or just want some variety with dinner, this gift is a treasure! I have one (graciously given to me by an incredible & thoughtful couple as a graduation gift) and I can tell you it is awesome. Now I make zucchini “spaghetti” and sweet-potato curly fries with dinner.  So so good! Plus it is inexpensive and super easy to use and clean.

2) [embedit snippet=”Juicer”]

I am not a huge fan of going on detoxes by juicing or anything that extreme, but there is nothing quite like juicing your own fruits and veggies to get all those awesome micro-nutrients that we may not get enough of regularly. Our bodies need the nutrition fruits and veggies provide and juicing can be a creative and fun way to get some healing done! Essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants abound here folks! These juicers are not too expensive and most parts are dishwasher safe.

3) Kettlebells.

Their name sounds like they were made for the holidays, doesn’t it?? I LOVE working out with kettlebells!! If you want to add variety to your exercise repertoire, consider buying some of these babies. There are many videos online that offer kettlebell workouts, and you can always ask a trainer at your gym. Please do not use these without proper training! Learn to use them and find freedom from the same old dumbbell routine to gain strength and flexibility.

4) If you are going to be working out with that kettlebell, you are going to be sore! You need to make sure to stretch and take care of those muscles. My favorite post workout activity is using the foam roller. Foam rolling is a great way to recover from all those workouts! I don’t know what I did before I got mine – I guess I just suffered in silence (actually, knowing me, it wasn’t all that silent!) These babies are cheap and can be stored almost anywhere. You don’t have to be sore to use it either; you can use it any time. Sometimes I use my foam roller first thing in the morning when I wake up to get the blood flowing to those muscles. Plus it’s fun! Roll around!

5) Speaking of exercise, I don’t believe there is a better book on the subject of exercise  – and all that goes with it like injury prevention, mobility, recovery and proper form – than Kelly Starrett’s [embedit snippet=”Book”]. If you are not familiar with Kelly Starrett’s work, take a trip to his website Mobility WOD  and be awed. This guy is a genius. The book is grand! Easy to read, full of color photos, and it covers EVERYTHING from stretching to Olympic weightlifting. Just owning this book with make you feel like an athlete! And if that’s not enough, it makes a very cool coffee table book.

6) Make a homemade beauty, skin care, or household product and put in a pretty container.

Get rid of chemicals toxins that can mess up your hormones by making your own products! (Plus save money!) Everyone knows I am on a mission to live cleaner, and since I write so much about it on this blog and on Facebook, many people I am near and dear to are asking for homemade deodorant and toothpaste from me this year!  If you would like to receive, or give someone, some homemade, non-toxic love, you can check here on my blog for the few items I have made. Or you can go to the master of all thing DIY, Wellness Mama. As far as pretty containers go, there are wide varieties on the web of course: [embedit snippet=”Mason Jars”], [embedit snippet=”Lip balm containers”], and [embedit snippet=”deodorant”]. It is fun and rewarding to make things yourself. Food too! One year I made everyone bone broth! 

7)  Blackout Curtains for the bedroom.

If you are trying to get better sleep at night, blackout curtains will do wonders for dreamland! Your bedroom will be transformed into a lovely cocoon allowing you the rest, recovery & healing you need. Sleep is as important for overall health as eating real food and exercise. Blocking out light is a simple and successful sleeping strategy. Give someone you love the gift of sleep. Or ask for it yourself.

8) The gift of REAL FOOD!

US Wellness Meats is my go-to place for purchasing grass-fed beef, healthy animal fats, and mineral-rich bones for broths and soups when the Farmer’s Markets are closed. Nutritious food is always a welcome gift for anyone looking to find freedom from the SAD (Standard American Diet.) A gift certificate to US Wellness is just the ticket! Of course, you can always gift (or ask for) some real food on the [embedit snippet=”cacao-bliss”] and still get (delicious!) health benefits.

9) The gift of letting go.

Massage, or any other spa treatment for that matter, is one of my favorite gifts to give and to receive.  Along with diet, exercise, and sleep, relaxation and stress reduction are keys to a healthy and rewarding life. Learning to spend time healing is a fantastic habit to cultivate since it is down time that we all need more of. The more you practice it, the more you heal. Showing you care for someone by giving them the gift of relaxation is like thanking them for being alive. Ask for thanks for your life from the folks who love you too. Find a spa in your local area and get a gift certificate for someone you love. Better yet, get one for yourself too and go together.

10) The gift of magic.

This one you cannot buy. It starts with being mindful. Make an effort, every day, to learn to be more aware of yourself, your behavior, your world view. Be aware of the world you have created for yourself, of the people you are surrounded by, of the way you live your life. Start spending time doing what is meaningful to you, not just what you have to do. Being mindful helps you discover yourself again. It helps you check in with yourself and your reality. It helps you get a grip on your perspective. Remember, the holidays are not only about getting and giving material things, they remind us that there is magic. You can feel it in the air, that intangible energy, that something indescribable. Tap into it by being mindful of it; magic is only revealed once you are aware of it. So be aware that the world is much bigger than you are. Give your time to loved ones, help those in need, and love yourself just as you are right now. Those actions can fill many voids in your life that you may often try to cram with food, drink, things, and anything you can be distracted by. Being aware is the beginning of the path to freedom. Be mindful. Practice forgiveness. Practice acceptance. Practice on yourself first. Then show someone else the path to freedom by giving them your support, your heart and your attention. Enlighten people. Magic is born this way. There is nothing closer to being free than witnessing magic. It’s out there. And it’s in you. You just have to pay attention.

By the way, since we are talking about giving and receiving gifts, please check out this post on The Amazon Heart.  There is some magic going on over there this holiday season that you should definitely jump in on!!!

Let me know how awesome you made your Christmas list!


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