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Happy Halloween!!!

I love Halloween. The costumes, spiders, pumpkins, ghouls, the whole masquerade! LOVE it!!!  However, Halloween can be truly scary (BOO!) for many people who are trying to lose weight. Halloween is loaded with candy and parties, so much so it may feel impossible to avoid temptation. As a Health Coach, I feel obligated to at least address this subject briefly today before the festivities begin.


1)      The first step to losing weight is to recognize that losing weight is not your goal – finding freedom from ALL that weighs you down is. Once you absorb that concept fully, you will be able to take the next 4 tips to heart.

2)      Eat candy if you want to. There is no reason to feel shame or guilt about a few snack-size chocolate bars and a handful of candy corn. That stuff tastes good and is enjoyable. It’s Halloween for goodness sake! Your weight loss plan should NOT include anguish if you eat some treats!

3)      If you don’t want candy, don’t eat it. No one said you HAVE to eat all the leftover candy bars once all the kiddies have come and gone from your doorstep. Give them away to someone who does want it.

4)      If you go to a party filled with cookies, cupcakes, treats and booze then HAVE FUN! I wish I was going with you! Listen up: You will NOT derail your weight loss goals by having a piece of cake. If you want to find freedom from ALL that weighs you down, then part of that is making peace with the food you are surrounded by at a party. You will succeed with your goals whether you want the cupcake or not. Do NOT let food determine your happiness! See Tip #3 again.

5)      Keep exercising after Halloween. If you ignored Tip #4 and are sitting around feeling like you ruined all your hard work because you ate a Snickers bar, you need a sincere perspective adjustment. The only way to derail your success on your journey to weight loss is if you give up. The day after Halloween is no different than any other day so do what you normally do – move your body! The more you move around on a regular basis, the less you have to worry about what you eat on Halloween (or any holiday for that matter!) Movement is freedom!

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Eat Some Halloween Candy If You Want To. Be Free. Live Wild!!!

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