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So this is the first post chronicling My Wild Life. Feels pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good! (Anyone watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? Sorry, I am a sucker for a Larry David reference.)

How was your first week of 2013?

This has been a pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty successful week for me as far as first week’s go. I began the 21-Day Sugar Detox on January 1 and I feel even more motivated about making 2013 a fabulous year! I couldn’t recommend this plan more if I tried and I encourage you to click the banner to the right to learn more and sign up. In order to maintain a healthy eating plan, it is crucial to conquer your cravings for the foods that are unhealthy – refined foods & sugar. Sugar is so toxic to our bodies. If you remove the added sugar from your diet and replace it with real food, you will be giving yourself one of the greatest gifts imaginable – a better life! I have been feeling a little fatigued as a result, and my sleep isn’t quite as restful as before I started, but since I am familiar with these symptoms of withdrawal, I know they are temporary and in a few more days I will be golden. When I feel tired or restless from a sugar detox (I usually get headaches as well, but not so far this time) it always strikes me just how powerfully addictive sugar is and how important it is to get rid of it! Once I complete this program, I know I will feel like I accomplished something so rewarding for myself.  Another plus is that, once you join the program, you will learn how to do this sugar detox in the future if you somehow fall into a pile of sugar again! C’mon and join me!!!

Aside from the 21-Day Sugar Detox, I have been nourishing myself with real food, regular exercise, furthering my education, and taking time to relax and enjoy my life.  Yesterday, I had a particularly fulfilling day:

My Workout:

Shuttle Run – 75 feet, 8 times.


8 Pull-ups, alternating with 50ft sled push (50 lbs.), 4 rounds

Whew!!! Exhilarating and exhausting!!! I had never done a sled push before and wow did I like it!! It was even more challenging juxtaposed with the pull-ups. I am not strong enough yet to do an unassisted pull-up, so I use the Monster Bands.  But someday soon I will beat that bar (pausing to shake fist at my rig…) You’ll see….

And no, I do not have a sled to push. I used my dining room table with gym mats under it and pushed it as fast as I could across my house. Ah, creativity!

After my wild workout, I ate a nourishing meal of grass-fed burgers with sauerkraut, pureed cauliflower with onion and garlic, and a small helping of plantains sautéed in coconut oil – YUM! I followed that with a glass of Natural Calm and one serving of Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend capsules to further nourish my body and aid in recovery.

A few hours later, I went out and treated myself to a full body massage (which I do at least once a month) and I never regret it. Any stress I had felt all day vanished and I was thrilled to give myself the gift of some well deserved and appreciated “me” time.  Healing and relaxation are as fundamental for good health as exercise and quality sleep.

What do you do to heal and relieve stress?

My Wild Life 2013 is off to a pretty good start. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good! Let me know what goodness you’ve been doing this first week of 2013!

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