Welcome to Monday Mayhem!

A 12-Week Email Course Designed Specifically For Women: Learn to Prioritize Self-Care to Achieve Healthy and Lasting Weight Loss

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Here’s a breakdown of what you get…

  • An email every Monday with a specific lesson to work on each week for 12 Weeks
  • Action steps that are easy to follow, educational, and FUN!
  • A blueprint to help you form new healthy habits – to replace old ones that no longer serve you: don’t be your own enemy anymore!
  • Learn how your perspective, environment, time management, and habits directly correlate to your lifestyle-related health issues!
  • Learn¬†how to make positive changes so you can achieve your weight loss goals – and other personal goals!
  • Learn smart and easy ways to eat better, move more, reduce stress, get better sleep, have more energy, and improve digestion – even if you are really busy!
  • How to find a support network so you have like-minded people in your corner to help you stay motivated, accountable, AND HAVE FUN on your journey to better health!
  • Tools to help you make lasting lifestyle changes to promote your wellbeing – FOR LIFE!

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